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2022 Early Career Researcher Committee Nominations

2022 IUPHAR Early Career Researcher Committee Nonimations
In order to further promote and facilitate engagement with early career researchers around the world, the 2018-2022 IUPHAR Executive Committee formed the position of Early Career Researchers (formerly Young Investigator Corresponding Member) to the IUPHAR Executive Committee and established the IUPHAR Early Career Researchers Subcommittee. The IUPHAR early career researchers subcommittee aims to provide a voice for early career pharmacologists to the IUPHAR Executive Committee and provide means for young pharmacologists to engage with IUPHAR and other pharmacological societies. We also aim to facilitate greater links between early career members around world and provide opportunities for further development as pharmacologists. Nominees should be highly engaged in their member society's activities and have a strong desire to participate in the IUPHAR Early Career Researcher Committee.
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