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Bryan L. Roth

Bryan L. Roth

6th IUPHAR Lecture in Analytical Pharmacology, 2018, Kyoto, Japan

Towards a molecular understanding of drug action at GPCRs

Arthur Christopoulos

Arthur Christopoulos

5th IUPHAR Lecture in Analytical Pharmacology, 2014, Cape Town, South African

Adventures in allostery:  From function to structure

Paul Vanhoutte

Paul Vanhoutte

IUPHAR 50th Anniversary Lecture, 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

Regenerate to be old

Terry Kenakin

Terry Kenakin

3rd IUPHAR Lecture in Analytical Pharmacology, 2006, Beijing, China

From systems to target to systems: Can we keep caprice out of pharmacological numbers?

David Colquhoun

David Colquhoun

2nd IUPHAR Lecture in Analytical Pharmacology, 2002, San Francisco, USA

Alberto Kaumann

Alberto Kaumann

1st IUPHAR Lecture in Analytical Pharmacology, 1998, Munich, Germany

Analytical pharmacology in isolated heart

Young Investigators from World Congresses

Abstracts are collected from young investigators for each World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology.  Ten finalists are chosen to present their topic during the Congress.  Generally, three individuals receive awards.

2018 awards

Gold Award – Gregory Collins, USA
Silver Award – Birgit Caspar, United Kingdom
Bronze Award – Ee Von Moo, Australia

2014 awards

Gold Award – Claire Newton, South Africa
Silver Award – Christian Gruber, Austria
Bronze Award – Stephen Ayinbuomwan, Nigeria, and Chantal Beatrice Magne Nde, Australia

2010 awards

Gold Award – Ana Paula Dantas, Spain
Silver Award – Shreena Joshi, United Kingdom
Bronze Award – Lusine Danielyan, Germany

2008 awards

Gold Award – K.B. Hansen, USA
Silver Award – G. X.-J. Quek, Australia
Bronze Award – O.A. Sergeeva, Germany

2006 awards

Gold Award – Rebecca Roof, USA
Silver Award – Zhou Peng, China
Bronze Award – Gregor Purves, UK

2004 awards

Gold Award – Shinya Uchida, Japan
Silver Award – Malin Lindqvist, Sweden
Bronze Award – Jonathan Chan, Australia, and Eleni Aklillu, Ethiopia

2002 awards

Gold Award – Lori Birder, USA
Silver Award – Arthur Christopolous, Australia
Bronze Award – Anthony Kanai, USA

1998 awards, supported by Astra Charnwood, UK

Christina Egan
Samuel Hoare
Tracy Blevins
Ben Gardner

IUPHAR – USA National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) Early Career Award

In the past, IUPHAR and NIDA have teamed up to identify international pharmacologists who are developing their careers.  The funds awarded to the winners help defray the costs of attending the annual Frontiers in Addiction Research mini-conventions, held as satellites to the Society for Neuroscience annual meetings.

2011 awards

Estefanía Pilar Bello Gay, Argentina
Esther Gramage, Spain

2010 awards

Carlo Cifani, Italy
Daniel Rial, Brazil
Ramón Sotomayor-Zárate, Chile

2009 awards

Valeria Capurro, Italy
Liang Liu, Australia
Gustavo Moraga-Cid, Chile

2008 awards

Stephanie Borglund, Canada
Pouya Tahsili-Fahadan, Iran
Leonardo Resstel Barbosa Moraes, Brazil

2007 awards

Fabio Fumagalli, Italy
Kimmo Jensen, Denmark
Naoko Kuzumaki, Japan

2006 awards

Daina Economidou, Italy
Masami Suzuki, Japan
Alexis Bailey, United Kingdom

2005 awards

Christopher Bailey, United Kingdom
Silvana Gaetani, Italy
Marcello Solinas, France