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Natural Products


Previously, a Natural Product Working Group had been formed with Professor David Story of Melbourne, Australia as Chairman. At the IUPHAR Executive Committee meeting in 2004, it was agreed to ask Professor Ricky Man of the University of Hong Kong to chair this working group. Chinese medicine will be an important component and will contribute to the efforts of the Natural Products Working Group. There will also be substantial topics related to natural products in the coming IUPHAR World Congress in Beijing. The General Assembly approved the formation of the Natural Products Section in July of 2006. Professor Man took up the leadership role in this initiative. In 2008 Professor Yongxiang Zhang assumed the chairmanship. The immediate task is to identify colleagues interested in natural products to be involved in this initiative and start to work towards the stated objectives. Dr. Prof. Valérie Schini-Kerth was recruited as the Vice-Chair in July of 2009, and as the Chair in July of 2018.


Initiation of linkages and discussion between scientists, industry and general public in the promotion of research and educational efforts in natural products.

Current Issues

We need to identify colleagues with broad representation in terms of background and research interest in natural products. Please contact Prof. Valérie Schini-Kerth or Dr. Ying Zhao for more information.

Prof. Valérie Schini-Kerth
Chair of Pharmacology of Natural Product Section
the University of Strasbourg


Dr. Ying Zhao
Secretary of Natural Product Section
Chinese Pharmacological Society


If you have registered in myIUPHAR under the Members tab then you may join the Pharmacology of Natural Products Discussion Group.