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IUPHAR Lifetime Achievement Award Submission Form

What is the IUPHAR Lifetime Achievement Award?

The Lifetime Achievement Award was established by the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology to honor pioneering contributions to the field.  The award is given for significant and sustained work that advances and extends knowledge in pharmacology as well as an exceptional contribution to the advancement of IUPHAR. The Award Committee is chaired by the current President and is composed of the immediate past President of the Union and members of the EC.  Committee members are not eligible for the Lifetime Achievement Award.  The following conditions apply:

IUPHAR Lifetime Achievement Award Submission Form
Submit a one page letter addressing the following points:
1. How long have you known the candidate and in what capacity? 2. Describe contribution of candidate to their field, focusing on contributions as an independent investigator. 3. Describe impact of this contribution on the field.
Curriculum Vitae
Personal Statement
Please upload a personal statement of 250 words or less.