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IUPHAR Regional Conferences


While IUPHAR has a range of activities to promote the development and interests of basic and clinical pharmacology internationally, a major function is to organize World Congresses of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology which are currently held every four years. At the July 2010 meeting of the IUPHAR Executive Committee in Copenhagen, an ad hoc committee was created to propose strategies for increasing the exposure of young pharmacologists to basic and clinical pharmacology through more frequent IUPHAR sponsored conferences.

The ad hoc committee recommended maintaining World Congresses every four years in addition to organizing smaller, more focused, regional conferences in between World Congresses. No more than three Regional Focused Conferences should be organized between the World Congresses, e.g., a maximum of one Regional Focused Conference per calendar year. The primary goal of the smaller, more focused, regional conferences is to promote basic and clinical pharmacology and the secondary goal is to increase the visibility of IUPHAR. The organization of regional conferences should not entail costs to IUPHAR.

The conferences will have a regional focus involving national pharmacology societies from three or more countries, preferably contiguous, and a theme or focus on a basic or clinical pharmacology or therapeutic area of particular interest or importance to the region.

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