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What is the Geriatric Pharmacology Subcommittee?

The Geriatric Pharmacology Subcommittee consists of clinical pharmacologists, geriatricians, scientists and pharmacoepidemiologists who share a commitment to improving the use of medicines in older people and developing new therapeutic approaches for the syndromes and diseases of old age.

Why “Geriatric Pharmacology”?

There is a dramatic increase in the number of older people in the 21st Century, which is particularly rapid in developing nations. The most extensive use of medicines is by older people, who are frequently administered many different types of pharmacotherapies at the same time. Older people potentially have the most to gain from the appropriate and judicious use of medicines, yet are more likely to suffer from their adverse effects. Despite this, the scientific and clinical evidence base for the use of medicines in older people remains rudimentary. There is a urgent need to develop geriatric pharmacology in order to address the substantial health needs of older people throughout the world.

What Are the Aims of the Geriatric Pharmacology Subcommittee?

The major aims of the Subcommittee are to encourage the international development of geriatric pharmacology and to advocate for the therapeutic needs of older people.

The specific activities and goals include:

  1. Promoting meetings, symposia, workshops and  courses related to geriatric pharmacology in different parts of the world
  2. Fostering and supporting collaborative international research related to geriatric pharmacology
  3. Leading and contributing to the development of geriatric pharmacology curricula
  4. Harmonization and development of international guidelines related to appropriate, inappropriate and essential medicines in older people
  5. Raising the international profile of issues that are of particular importance in geriatric pharmacology such as polypharmacy, guidelines for people with multiple comorbidities, deprescribing and medicines that influence the aging process
  6. Providing a forum for geriatric pharmacology organizations to exchange and disseminate information  and a platform for international networking

Geriatric Pharmacology Subcommittee Members

Chair: Professor Sarah Hilmer (Australia) []
Deputy Chair: Professor Darrell Abernethy (USA)
Members: Professor Petra Thurmann (Germany)
Professor David Le Couteur (Australia)

If you have registered in myIUPHAR under the Members tab then you may join the Geriatric Clinical Pharmacology Discussion Group.