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IUPHAR Education Section Elizabeth Davis Teaching Excellence Award 2023

The IUPHAR Education Section (IUPHAR-Ed) invites nominations for the Elizabeth Davis Teaching Excellence Award to be announced at the Pre-conference Satellite (July 1st -2nd) of the 19th World Congress of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology (WCP2023, July 2nd -7th) in Glasgow, UK. Associate Professor Elizabeth (Liz) Davis, from Monash University, was Chair of IUPHAR-Ed from 2018-2021, a wonderful colleague and educator who promoted the discipline of pharmacology both nationally and internationally.

The Award: IUPHAR-Ed will be awarding the Elizabeth Davis Teaching Excellence Award in 2023 to recognise an outstanding pharmacology educator who has made a sustained and significant contribution to education and/or training in pharmacology in any context.  

To be considered for this award, individuals must be nominated by 2 colleagues (one of whom should be from outside the nominee’s institution).

Target Group: IUPHAR-Ed will select an individual who has made sustained and significant contributions to the teaching and learning of pharmacology. Such contributions may include:

  • sustained excellence in teaching that promotes student engagement and effective learning
  • innovative teaching methods and/or assessment strategies
  • development of resources that facilitate the teaching and learning of pharmacology
  • contributions to the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • fostering interdisciplinary, inter-university or international teaching collaborations
  • leadership in the enhancement of teaching and learning in the discipline of pharmacology

Nomination Process: Nominations for this Award must be submitted to Professor Clare Guilding (Chair, IUPHAR-Ed) at the email address below before 28th April 2023“Elizabeth Davis Teaching Excellence Award” should be included in the message subject and full contact details of the nominators and nominee must be included in the message body.

The nomination should include the following information in a single pdf document:

  • a one-to-two-page statement outlining the reasons why the nominee should receive the award, highlighting their contribution to pharmacology education and/or training. the name of the nominee
  • a brief CV for the nominee that includes career highlights, outstanding achievements in pharmacology education and relevant references to their best work (providing evidence of innovation, teaching scholarship and leadership).
  • the names of the two nominating individuals and statements of support

It is expected that this nomination document will be no longer than 3 to 4 pages in total, and it is envisaged that the prize winner will be an active participant at the Education Satellite of WCP2023 to be held July 1st-2nd at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, UK. Copies must also be sent to each of the nominating colleagues.

Nominations should be sent to: