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2023 IUPHAR International Students’ Poster Competition

For World Smart Medication Day 2023

The theme of the poster competition is: Precision Medicine


General Posters Entry:

The competition is open to all medical, pharmacy or pharmacology pregraduate students.

Posters can be created through any medium (digital, illustrated, hand drawn/painted) but must be submitted digitally to your national pharmacological society. Click here to read the contact list. 

Some examples are key messages on drug individualization, sources of variability in drug responses, role of genes, environment and lifestyle, omics, biomarkers, vignettes (drawings and/or brief medical stories) with examples, or emblematic drawing. Be creative!

General poster entries will be judged on the following criteria: relevance to the theme, strength of the message, innovation and creativity, and generalizability/universality of the message.


Research Posters Entry:

The competition is open to all medical, pharmacy or pharmacology pre- and post-graduate students.


How relevant is the work to the theme?

How clearly does the abstract describe the work that was conducted?

Are the methods sound?

Are the conclusions consistent with the results?

What is the impact of the work in the field of clinical pharmacology?



The deadline for submission to national societies is: 3 April 2023.

The deadline for national winners selection (2 best posters) by national societies is: 14 April 2023.

The deadline for IUPHAR CD to select the winners and the 10 best posters for oral presentation is: 21 April 2023.

4 prizes will be awarded by IUPHAR Clinical and Translational Section (2 best general posters and 2 best research posters).


On May 4: Zoom webinar with 3 minute oral presentation of the winners.

For further enquiries, please contact: