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Clinical Division

The International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) is a voluntary, non-profit association representing the interests of scientists in pharmacology-related fields to facilitate Better Medicines through Global Education and Research around the world.

Clinical pharmacology is the scientific discipline that involves all aspects of the relationship between medications and humans. The term ‘clinical pharmacologist’ is also used in the professional sense to refer to those physicians who are specialists in clinical pharmacology. They have undertaken several years of postgraduate training in many aspects of the above relationship involving teaching, research and health care. Such clinical pharmacologists have as their primary goal that of improving patient care, directly or indirectly, by developing better medicines and promoting the safer and more effective use of drugs.

The aims of the Clinical Division of IUPHAR ( are to advance the development of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics by:

  1. stimulating research in clinical pharmacology world-wide
  2. promoting high ethical standards in clinical drug research
  3. promoting scientific meetings, workshops and courses in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics in different parts of the world
  4. improving and harmonising the teaching of the rational use of drugs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, particularly in developing countries
  5. promoting problem- and patient-oriented drug information for physicians and other health professionals
  6. promoting the utilisation of clinical pharmacological services in health care delivery, particularly in developing countries
  7. utilising skills of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics in counteracting misuse of prescription drugs and other chemical substances, and evaluating patients experiencing adverse drug reactions
  8. promoting high ethical standards in drug prescribing and utilisation
  9. enabling individual countries to benefit from the international diversification of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
  10. encouraging collaboration with other agencies interested in the rational use of drugs, particularly WHO