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Funding Requests

IUPHAR will consider providing funds for only those proposals organized or co-organized by the IUPHAR Division or Sections/Subcommittees.  Otherwise, the proposal will receive consideration for possible sponsorship, but not funds.  Only non-profit organizations and events encouraging the participation of developing countries will be eligible to receive IUPHAR funding.

All proposals must be submitted to the IUPHAR Administrative Office by e-mail and include the following information:

  1. title and objective of the project
  2. location of the event
  3. date(s) of the event
  4. other possible sponsors
  5. a budget
  6. list of participants and attendees
  7. a brief statement as to why the project is appropriate for IUPHAR funding
  8. a statement describing other efforts being made to raise money
  9. amount of funding requested from IUPHAR

Please see the IUPHAR Project Funding Request Template here.