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Current Members of Early Career Researchers Subcommittee

Current Members of Early Career Researchers Subcommittee

What We Do

Initially established in 2019 with 12 inaugural members, the Early Career Section now is made up of 23 early career researchers (ECRs) from 23 countries.  Collectively our goals are to:

    1. Engage with IUPHAR and other pharmacological member societies
    2. Represent the general perspectives and interests of emerging researchers in pharmacology
    3. Enhance research collaborations among ECRs worldwide
    4. Create and promote career, educational, and networking opportunities for ECRs worldwide

Who We Are

Dr. Ahmet Altun

Dr. Sam Arnold

Dr. Iftekhar Chowdhury

Dr. Liz Johnstone

Dr. Meike Kahler

Dr. Marc Labriffe

Dr. Makhotso Lekhooa

Dr. Patrice Marques

Dr. Celia Matyanga

Dr. Vanessa Minervini

Dr. Gilda Neves

Dr. Belkis Palacio

Dr. Xiaocong Pang

Dr. Pravin Prasad

Dr. Miriam Scarpa

Dr. Tore Stage

Jean Terrier

Thomas Valenosi

Dr. Abdalla Wedn

Dr. Hong Yong Peh

19th World Congress of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology 2023

Several members of the Early Career Section met in person for the first time this July at WCP 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. From left: Xiaocong Pang, Hong Yong Peh, Vanessa Minervini, Jesse Howard, Liz Johnstone, Marc Labriffe, Makhotso Lekhooa, IUPHAR president Ingolf Cascorbi.

Congratulations to the winners of the ECR Prize!

Awarded for their wonderful presentations at WCP 2023!

Joe-Elie Salem

Ahmet Altun

Miriam Scarpa

IUPHAR nominated three outstanding young scientists, pictured above, to attend the 6th World Laureates Forum in Shanghai, China this November 2023. Selected nominees will be fully funded and will be invited to participate in a discussion panel to exchange profound thoughts with Nobel Laureates as well as attend the Young Scientists Plenary Session.

Meetings, Events & Highlights

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