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The Education Committee

What We Do

Welcome to the homepage of the IUPHAR Education Section (IUPHAR-Ed).

Medicines play a fundamental role in delivering better health to populations across the globe. These benefits can only continue if we are able to produce knowledgeable researchers who can develop new medicines and healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to prescribe and monitor their use in patient populations. Given that pharmacological science is one of the most rapidly moving areas of research, delivering these goals in academia and industry poses a considerable challenge.  

IUPHAR-Ed is a dynamic global community of educators in basic, clinical and translational fields of pharmacology.  We have recently introduced new initiatives to actively promote access to educational materials, collaboratively develop new resources, discuss matters related to pharmacology education and more. 

 As stipulated in our statutes, the objectives of the Section shall be to: 

  • foster, promote, encourage, develop and support innovative teaching, learning and assessment of basic, clinical and translational pharmacology to higher education pharmacology students and wider audiences,
  • promote global communication and cooperation between educators/ teachers and other interest groups representing pharmacology and related disciplines, 
  • create forums to present and exchange ideas related to pharmacology education, 
  • cooperate or associate, at the discretion of the Section, with relevant international, national and other authorities and bodies, 
  • be proactive in the development of early-careers educators in pharmacology, 
  • contribute to the development of sound drug policies globally via means of promoting appropriate education and training in pharmacology, 
  • contribute to global public awareness and engagement on pharmacological issues promotion of appropriate education and training in pharmacology, 
  • collaborate with IUPHAR and other IUPHAR sections and committees to develop programs to address the goals listed above. 

More information about what we do can be found in our newsletter linked below —

Education Subcommittees

Social Media

The IUPHAR-Ed Social Media Team plays a pivotal role in fostering effective communication and engagement within the pharmacology education community. This committee is responsible for curating and disseminating pertinent information, updates, and educational resources through various social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and other relevant channels.

By maintaining a strong online presence, the committee ensures that IUPHAR’s initiatives, events, research developments, and educational content reach a wider audience, facilitating knowledge sharing and networking among professionals in the field. Their activities are integral to promoting pharmacological education and advancing the society’s mission in a digital age.

Contact: Roisin Kelly-Laubscher


Subcommittee members: Roisin Kelly-Laubscher, Carolina Restini, Jennifer Koenig, Willmann Liang, John Tsarek, Karim Ibrahim







The IUPHAR-Ed Communications Team, established in 2023, plays a pivotal role in advancing the global education initiatives of the IUPHAR Education Section.

At the core of their responsibilities is the creation of a quarterly newsletter that not only highlights the ongoing activities within the section but also serves as a catalyst for promoting opportunities for engagement, knowledge exchange, and collaboration.

Our aim is to help foster a sense of community among pharmacology educators by reaching a diverse audience and encouraging active participation. 

Contact: Elly Djouma 


 Subcommittee member: Elly Djouma, Nilushi Karunaratne, Betty Exintaris, Alexandra Conibear 

Online Meeting Team

e Online Meeting Team is a new initiative of the IUPHAR Education Section. Its goal is to create a community of practice to identify and organise education-focussed activities of interest to the membership in the intervening years between WCP meetings.  


Contact: Anna-Marie Babey 


Subcommittee members: Anna-Marie Babey, Roisin Kelly-Laubscher, Carolina Restini, Jennifer Koenig, Willmann Liang, John Tsarek, Karim Ibrahim

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