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IUPHAR International Students’ Poster Competition

The poster competition is open to all medical, pharmacy or pharmacology students! Get creative! 

The theme of the poster competition is: The third WHO Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medication Without Harm

Medication Without Harm aims to reduce severe avoidable medication-related harm by 50% globally by 2022.

The three key actions of the 3rd WHO Global Patient Safety Challenge are:

  • polypharmacy
  • high-risk situations
  • transitions of care

All entries must illustrate and reflect the thematic issue of Medication Without Harm.

Some examples: key messages on the safe and effective use of medicines, especially in the case of polypharmacy, high-risk medicines or high-risk situations; vignettes (drawings and/or brief medical stories) with examples of the safe and effective use of medicines; emblematic drawing of the World Smart Medication Day. 

Posters can be created through any medium (digital, illustrated, hand drawn/painted) but must be submitted digitally to your national pharmacological society (see contact list here).

IUPHAR awards : 3 prizes will be awarded by IUPHAR clinical division.  The 10 best posters will be presented during a Zoom international webinar on the 6th May 2021.

The 3 poster winners are:

    • General poster winners are:
      • Felipe Gomes, Brazil (SBFTE)
      • Maria Davila Sanchez, Marta Fernandez Diaz, Pedro Fernandez Martin, Maria Gomez Figueroa, Olga Gonzales Angulo, Spain (SEFC)
    • Scientific poster winner is:
      • Mitchell R Redston, Australia (ASCEPT)

Poster Entries:




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