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The International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) expresses its deepest despair and concern regarding the war taking place in Ukraine.  As a global organization, IUPHAR stands committed to human rights, equality, and social justice globally. IUPHAR is alarmed by the humanitarian crisis already generated and by what may lie ahead.

As a scientific organization, we recognize the substantial impact the current situation may have on the global scientific community, within the field of pharmacology and beyond. Not only will research and scientists within Ukraine be directly impacted by this conflict, but IUPHAR anticipates global research projects, and the advancement of pharmacologic research, will inevitability feel the strain of this escalating crisis.

The invasion has already resulted in the displacement of multitudes of Ukrainians and vast loss of life. Due to the events unfolding, IUPHAR urges our member societies to place the safety and security of your members as the top priority when planning meetings and events in the areas impacted. For those members displaced by the growing conflict, we encourage you to contact a member society in your displacement area for opportunities that may be available. A complete list of member societies can be found here.

As a member of the International Science Council, we encourage member societies to review the advisory notes and statements at .

IUPHAR is committed to updating our member societies as events continue to unfold.

– The IUPHAR Officers