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Dear ISC Members,

The Action Plan 2022 – 2024 will be officially launched before the end of the year, and the communiqué from ISC President Peter Gluckman ( is a strong keenness to ensure Members are involved in the delivery of its projects over the next three years. Some of you have written to us expressing your willingness to be actively engaged in the implementation of the Action Plan, and we will be communicating a process on how this can be done in the coming months.

We are also in the process of translating the latest ISC position paper on “Science as a Global Public Good” ( into Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish under the auspices of our language principles. We believe this to be a critical document for our Members, policymakers and the public. If any Member wishes to translate this document into other languages, please let me know. We are building an exciting campaign to publicize this document widely in the new year.

In the meantime, please find below additional updates from the International Science Council and the ISC community.

  1. New ISC paper launched: Public perceptions and understandings of science

Last month, the ISC published an occasional paper in the frame of the ISC project on the Public Value of Science, outlining key ideas and recent trends emerging from studies of science communication, including the links between communication and public perceptions. The paper aims to stimulate discussion for science academies and unions by exploring the structure and characteristics of engagement with science in the global public sphere, with public perceptions as the unit of analysis:

  1. Webinar series: Achievements of early-career African scientists in advancing the 2030 Agenda

The ISC programme “Leading Integrated Research for Agenda 2030 in Africa (LIRA 2030 Africa)” is concluding at the end of 2021, and we cordially invite all ISC Members and their wider networks to celebrate with us the achievements of early-career African scientists over the past five years in advancing the 2030 Agenda in African cities in the frame of the programme, to discuss their learnings and to explore the future of the LIRA programme.

  • 8 December, 13:00 UTC: LIRA achievements
  • 9 December, 13:00 UTC: LIRA learnings
  • 10 December, 13:00 UTC: LIRA looking ahead


  1. Podcasts within the ISC community

We hope that you have been able to listen to the various podcast series produced by the ISC as well as ISC Members and affiliated bodies over the last months, which are listed on the ISC Membership Notice Board:

Is your podcast not listed above? Let us know about your organization’s podcast so we can share it with the ISC community.

  1. Opportunities within the ISC community
  • Call for papers for the International Conference on Advancing Women’s Empowerment through Systems Model Expansion (abstract deadline: 19 December)
  • Call for abstracts for the IUPESM Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (deadline: 10 December)
  • Apply for the Artist in Residence Program for displaced film makers/videographers/sound and visual artists (deadline: 12 December)
  • Call for papers for the TÜBA-AASSA Joint Symposium on Understanding Sustainability in the context of (abstract deadline extended: 15 December)
  • Call for papers for the 2022 ADB-IEA Innovative Policy Research Award (deadline: 31 December)
  1. Upcoming events within the ISC community

Please feel free to share the above opportunities and events with your networks. As always, all opportunities and updates for ISC Members can be found on the ISC Membership Notice Board:

We continue to stand ready to amplify and share your events, e-learning courses or podcasts, as well as calls for nominations, vacancies and other opportunities and initiatives with the ISC community via our website and social media channels. Please let us know so we can share your information and contributions.

With best regards,

Anne Thieme | Membership Liaison Officer
International Science Council (ISC) |
Paris, France