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Funding Requests

The IUPHAR Clinical Pharmacology Division will consider providing funds only for those proposals organized or co-organized by the Division or its Subcommittees.  Otherwise, the proposal will receive consideration for possible sponsorship, but not funds.  Only non-profit organizations and events encouraging the participation of developing countries will be eligible to receive IUPHAR funding.

All proposals must be submitted to the Secretary of the Clinical Division (David LeCouteur and include the following information:

1) Title and objective of the project
2) Location of the event
3) Date(s) of the event
4) List/number of participants and attendees
5) A brief statement as to why the IUPHAR Clinical Division sponsorship and funding is important
6) Specific support requested from the IUPHAR Clinical Division
7) A budget with brief justification for the cost of each item
8) Other sponsors of the project/event and other possible sponsors of the support requested
9) A statement describing other efforts made (or being made) to raise funds in addition to those requested from the IUPHAR Clinical Division