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IUPHAR Lifetime Achievement Award Overview

The Lifetime Achievement Award was established by the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology to honor pioneering contributions to the field.  The award is given for significant and sustained work that advances and extends knowledge in pharmacology as well as an exceptional contribution to the advancement of IUPHAR. The Award Committee is chaired by the current President and is composed of the immediate past President of the Union and members of the EC.  Committee members are not eligible for the Lifetime Achievement Award.  The following conditions apply:


  1. All scientists working in the field of pharmacology including, but not limited to, individuals from academic institutions, foundations, governmental, industrial and research organizations regardless of age, sex, race, or nationality shall be eligible.
  2. Nominees need to be members of an organizational member of IUPHAR. There can only be one nomination per national member society. Self-nomination for the Lifetime Achievement Award to national member societies is entirely acceptable.
  3. The decision of the Awards Committee shall be based on the nominee’s scientific accomplishments, their independence, originality, and impact; their development of new concepts, theories, and techniques, that constitute a definitive, mature, and significant contribution to knowledge sustained over a period of years. Consideration should also be given to the contributions of the individual to IUPHAR and other member organizations.
  4. The award may be made at each WCP, but the Awards Committee reserve the right to make no award at any meeting.


Nominees or their Nominator Shall Submit:

  1. A one-page nominating letter which addresses the following points:
  • How long have you known the candidate and in what capacity?
  • Describe contribution of candidate to their field, focusing on contributions as an independent investigator.
  • Describe impact of this contribution on the field.
  1. CV with the personal statement written to explain cumulative, integrated impact of the candidate’s body of work.
  2. The award will be presented by the President of the Society at the quadrennial meeting.

Procedures for Awards

  1. The call for award nominations is emailed to all IUPHAR members and a link is posted on the IUPHAR website. It can also be mailed to those who request it.
  2. The deadline for nominations is 28 FEBRUARY 2023. All nomination requirements are listed for the appropriate award on the IUPHAR website.
  3. Awards will be voted by the Executive Committee.
  4. Committee members will state their conflict of interest if they are an advisor, sponsor or co-investigator. Members may recuse self from reviewing applications.
  5. Staff will forward the link to the committee to review and rate the nominations.
  6. The committee will review the materials and submit their ratings to the IUPHAR Executive Officer within 30 days after the deadline. Staff will compute the mean scores and prepare report for Committee review.
  7. The committee will meet by conference call, approximately 30 days after the deadline, to discuss the rating results and to finalize their recommendations to be submitted to the board. Staff will send committee recommendations via e-mail ballot to the board for confirmation.
  8. After board confirmation, staff notifies recipients via email and requests a photo to be sent to the IUPHAR office.
  9. The Awards Committee Chair presents the results at the awards ceremony at the world conference where the President presents each recipient with a plaque.

One night’s lodging at the conference will be paid by IUPHAR for award recipient.

The deadline to submit is 28 February 2023.