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IUPHAR Latin American Regional Update

On 14 January, IUPHAR officers met with leaders of Latin American societies to discuss the progress throughout the region. Joining the meeting were representatives from the Argentine Society of Experimental Pharmacology, Brazilian Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Colombian Society of Pharmacology, Portuguese Society of Pharmacology, Society of Pharmacology of Chile, Spanish Society of Clinical Pharmacology, and the Spanish Society of Pharmacology.

During the meeting, IUPHAR Officers supplied the Latin American Societies updates on IUPHAR Governance, Call for Candidate, Early Career Researchers, GuideToPharmacology, Pharmacology Education Project, the Clinical Pharmacology Division, and World Congress 2023. The Latin American societies provided updates on past and future meetings, including the potential for virtual conferences.

The idea to have joint meetings for sharing research via virtual Latin American Pharmacological conferences under IUPHAR was discussed based on recent successful virtual conferences in other parts of the world and virtual symposia in the annual meetings of the Argentinian and Brazilian societies in 2021. These virtual meetings were affordable due to no travel and brought together early career and experienced scientists. The format for a larger virtual meeting would be shorter webinars and shorter multi-day conferences, with IUPHAR providing prominent worldwide speakers.

Clinical pharmacology was noted as being very underdeveloped in Latin America. The IUPHAR Clinical Pharmacology Section has agreed to work with the Argentine society to develop a pre-congress workshop with some details in development. Clinical pharmacology as a specialty essentially does not exist in Latin America, causing a significant problem. Clinical pharmacology position descriptions are not the same worldwide, but recognition of clinical pharmacology is essential for healthcare systems.

Society representatives also noted that research and development of the COVID-19 vaccine are of great interest. Latin American societies will take the lead on preparing a list of mainline research, and IUPHAR agreed to provide support. IUPHAR also agreed to assist with tools and services for a virtual meeting. The next call will define specific projects and topics.

IUPHAR Is enthusiastic about the progress in Latin America and has committed to providing as much assistance as possible. The next meeting of the region will be in Spring 2022.