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International Forum for Early Career Researchers on Pharmacology of Natural Products and Traditional Medicines

In order to encourage researchers, particularly early career researchers, and to facilitate the communication and collaboration on the pharmacological research of natural products and traditional medicines during the COVID-19 pandemic, the first International Forum for Early Career Researchers on Pharmacology of Natural Products and Traditional Medicines was held online at UTC/GMT 9:00 am on Feb 19, 2022. The forum themed Target Discovery of Natural Products was co-organized by the Section on the Pharmacology of Natural Products (SPNP), IUPHAR, and the Chinese Pharmacological Society (CNPHARS). It attracted more than 200 participants from Europe, Asia, Africa, and other regions.

The forum was moderated by Prof. Guanhua Du, the Vice-Chair of SPNP. Prof. Michael Spedding, the Secretary-General of IUPHAR, participated to the forum and gave a brief opening speech. He was highly enthusiastic about the initiative and indicated that webinars are perfect to support young scientists worldwide with little financial investments. He wished the initiative a great success and was looking for that this initiative will become a regular scientific activity.

The scientific session of the forum included one keynote talk and four early career talks. Prof. Valérie Schini-Kerth, the Chair of SPNP, gave the keynote speech regarding Food-derived natural products to target and regenerate vascular ageing. The four early career speakers included Prof. Dominique Delmas from INSERM Research Center U1231, France on Polyphenols from grapevine and red wine extract: potential key actors in the regulation of immune system?, Prof. Guang Liang from Hangzhou Medical College, China on Target discovery and pharmacological mechanism study of natural products, Dr. Nadire Özenver from Hacettepe University, Turkey on Natural products: Target identification by use of in silico and in vitro approaches and Prof. Kewu Zeng from Peking University, China on Discovery of direct targets of natural drug. Presentations were followed by a session of comprehensive discussion with the audience. Participants raised their questions on the chatting board of the meeting platform, and speakers gave their answers either orally or in writing.

After the scientific session, Michael Spedding asked further questions and congratulated the speakers and organisers on the success of the forum. Prof. Wenxia Zhou, the Secretary-General of SPNP, briefly introduced the background of the forum as an important collaborative activity between IUPHAR SPNP and CNPHARS. At the end of the forum, Prof. Schini-Kerth acknowledged all the contributors to the forum, including IUPHAR, CNPHARS, SPNP members, and speakers, for all their efforts to organize a successful first forum.

The forum will be continued at regular intervals. It is expected that more experts and early career researchers would take part in the event to enhance its influence, thus to contribute promoting the development of natural products and traditional medicines research in the world and the careers of young scientists.





Top (L→R): Profs. Michael Spedding, Valérie Schini-Kerth, Guanhua Du, Wenxia Zhou
Bottom (L→R): Profs. Dominique Delmas, Guang Liang, Nadire Özenver, Kewu Zeng