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Approved January, 2013

Immunopharmacology Section of IUPHAR

1. Name
The name of the section is the Immunopharmacology Section of the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR). It is constituted under Section V2 of the statutes of IUPHAR as revised 2006.

2. Aims and functions of the Immunopharmacology Section
The object of the Section is to encourage the organization of international co-operation in immunopharmacology by:
  • stimulating research in basic and clinical Immunopharmacology which includes biologics and biosimilars world-wide
  • promoting high scientific and ethical standards in research into immunopharmacological-related medicines and therapeutics
  • promoting scientific meetings, workshops and courses in immunopharmacology and related therapeutics in different parts of the world
  • improving and harmonising the teaching of Immunopharmacology promoting the utilisation of immunopharmacological agents in health care delivery, particularly in developing countries
  • utilising skills of clinical immunopharmacology in evaluating patients experiencing adverse drug reactions
  • encouraging collaboration with other agencies and organisations interested in the study, development and rational use of immunopharmacological agents.
  • by exchanging and disseminating of information on the safety and pharmacovigilence of immunopharmacological-related medicines and therapeutics
  • by fostering cooperative efforts among educational, research, clinical, industrial, and governmental personnel engaged in activities relevant to translational research in immunopharmacology
  • Working with industry to advance the field of immunopharmacology
  • To identify other professional bodies national and international  willing to promote the field of immunopharmacology
3. Membership
The membership of the Immunopharmacology Section will be comprised of pharmacologists, immunopharmacologists, clinical pharmacologists, pathologists, clinicians, and immunologists interested in the inter-relationships between the disciplines of pharmacology and immunology and who are members of a national, regional or international society of pharmacology or clinical pharmacology or immunology, or related discipline that is a member of IUPHAR.
Societies of Clinical Pharmacology or Sections of Societies of Clinical Pharmacology that are members of IUPHAR may also seek affiliation. Applications for affiliation are to be sent to the Secretary, who shall submit such applications to the Executive Committee for its consideration and approval. Affiliated societies/sections are entitled to nominate one delegate to the business meeting of the Section.

4. Executive Committee
  • The officers of the Executive Committee (EC) will be elected by majority vote at a properly constituted business meeting of the Section normally held at a World Congress on Basic and Clinical Pharmacology.
  • The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and four to six additional members. Election shall be from a slate of nominees presented by the Executive Committee. Additional nominations may also be initiated from the floor at the business meetings. In the event that the office of Chairperson becomes vacant between properly constituted business meetings of the Section, the Vice-Chairperson shall succeed to that office for the rest of its term. In the event that the offices of Secretary or Treasurer becomes vacant between properly constituted business meetings, the Chairperson with the concurrence of the Executive Committee shall appoint one of the Councillors to fill the office for the rest of its term. Under any of the above circumstances or if other positions on the Executive Committee become vacant, the Executive Committee shall be reduced in number until such time as a new Committee is elected.
  • The Executive Committee may raise and maintain such funds, as it deems necessary to carry out the Section's activities.
  • The Executive Committee may establish and determine the membership of Working-Groups concerned with special education or research activities or scientific meetings. The Executive Committee may also discontinue any Working-Group.
  • Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for one term of office of four years and may be re-elected for a second term of four years. After completion of two consecutive terms, if not elected to the post of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer, members of the Executive Committee are not eligible for a third four year term until after an interval of at least four years.
A general business meeting of the Section will normally take place at least every 4 years at each World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology or at a major world/regional international pharmacology/clinical pharmacology meeting. The business meeting will receive a report from the Executive Committee and will elect by majority vote of the members and delegates present, the next Executive Committee.

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Immunopharmacology Section Home     Announcements     Bylaws     Governance     Literature Highlights     Meetings and Events     Reports


 Membership is open to pharmacologists, immunopharmacologists, clinical pharmacologists, pathologists, clinicians and immunologist interested in the interrelationships between the disciplines of pharmacology and immunology. In addition, IUPHAR member societies and their sections are eligible for affiliation. Affiliated societies\sections are entitled to nominate one delegate to the business meetings of the Immunopharmacology Section. To join our section please follow the guideline bellow. We are waiting for you to join us! 

To follow the activities of this Section, please register with the IUPHAR website then edit your profile details to select “Immunopharmacology” as an area of interest to you.  Step by step instructions follow...

Go to the Members area by clicking here to open the webpage in a new browser window. Then click on the green "Join myIUPHAR" button.

On the “Register new user” screen, enter your User Information and click “Next”.

Choose up to three areas of interest to you by holding down the "Control" key while clicking with your mouse.  Then click on "Register".

The next screen offers you the opportunity to upload your photo or you may click the “{Skip}” link under the green bar.

You’ll then receive an email containing a confirmation code.  After locating the email from IUPHAR, click on the embedded website link to activate your account.  To prevent spammers, the IUPHAR Administrative Officer will verify your email address then send you a message that your account has been successfully activated, generally within one or two business days. 


IMPORTANT:  Click on the Members tab in the upper right corner of your screen to now indicate your interest in the Immunopharmacology Section.

Please log in with your new username and password.

Once logged into the Member area, hover your mouse over the “Profile” tab then click “Edit Details”.

Complete the requested fields. 

Scroll to the top of the page to click the red “Save” button.

Log out at any time by clicking on the green icon towards the upper right corner of the Member area.

Thank you for your interest in the IUPHAR Immunopharmacology Section!

Immunopharmacology Section Home     Announcements     Bylaws     How to Join     Literature Highlights     Meetings and Events     Reports 


    Position                  Name   Country
  Chair   Prof. Francesca Levi-Schaffer   Israel
  Vice-Chair                 Prof. Hans-Uwe Simon      Switzerland
  Secretary   Prof. Mauro Teixeira   Brazil
  Treasurer   Prof. Ekaterini Tiligada   Greece
  Prof. Stephen Holgate   UK
  Councillor   Prof. Masaru Ishii   Japan
  Councillor   Prof. Mario Landys   Cuba
  Councillor   Prof. Carlo Riccardi

  Prof. Michael Spedding   UK
  In charge of 'Literature Highlights' section    Dr. Stephan von Gunten   Switzerland
  Junior Section Manager    Miss. Hadas Pahima    Israel



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