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1.          Name

The IUPHAR Section of Drug Metabolism and Drug Transport is constituted under Section 4 of the statutes of IUPHAR.

2.          Aims and Functions of the IUPHAR Section of Drug Metabolism and Drug Transport

a.          To encourage international co-operation among pharmacologists and other scientists interested in the metabolism and physiological disposition of drugs and environmental chemicals.

b.          To sponsor international symposia, workshops, and collaborative research in the area of drug metabolism.

c.          To promote the use of innovative concepts and methodology in the area of drug metabolism.

d.          To encourage collaboration and communication with other regional and international organizations interested in furthering the development of the field of drug metabolism.

e.          To promote symposia, workshops, and other teaching programs with developing countries and to encourage the exchange of fellows and visiting lecturers between those countries and other countries.

f.           To encourage scientists from developing countries to obtain training in laboratories of leading investigators in other countries.

3.          Membership

The membership of the IUPHAR Section of Drug Metabolism and Drug Transport will consist of pharmacologists, biochemists, and other scientists who are interested in the field of drug disposition and who adhere to the principles of IUPHAR.  Potential members are encouraged to join their respective IUPHAR Societies.  Qualified scientists who are not members of an IUPHAR Society may be accepted for membership in the Section of Drug Metabolism and Drug Transport after application to the Chairman and approval by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Board of the Section.

4.          Executive Board

a.          The officers of the Executive Board will be elected at a properly constituted general meeting of the Section normally held at each IUPHAR International Congress of Pharmacology.  The Executive Board shall have the right to replace councillors, should any member leave the Board within a term for whatever cause.

b.          The Executive Board will consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, six Councillors, and the retiring Chairman (ex officio).  Election shall be from a slate of nominees presented by the Executive Board.  Additional nominations may also be initiated from the floor at the general meetings.

c.          The Executive Board may raise and maintain such funds as it deems necessary to carry out the Section’s activities.

d.          The Executive Board may establish and determine the membership of sub-committees concerned with special educational or research activities or scientific meetings.  The Board may also discontinue any sub-committee.

e.          Members of the Executive Board will be elected for a period of four years and may be re-elected for a further four-year period.  After completion of two consecutive four-year terms, members of the Executive Board other than the Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice Chairman are not eligible for further service on the Board until after intermission of at least four years.

5.          General Meeting

A General Meeting of the Section will normally take place at each IUPHAR International Congress of Pharmacology.  The General Meeting will receive a report from the Executive Board and will elect the next Executive Board.

Constitution Implementation

This constitution was implemented after approval by the IUPHAR Executive Committee, and ratification by the IUPHAR Council in General Assembly at the Sixteenth IUPHAR World Congress in Copenhagen, 2010.  Amendments to the constitution may be made after approval by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Board of the Section and a two-thirds majority of the members of the Section on Drug Metabolism attending a general meeting at an IUPHAR International Congress of Pharmacology.  Such amendments are subject to approval by the IUPHAR Executive Committee and by the IUPHAR Council in General Assembly.

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Forthcoming meetings

Joint Symposium with Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (SSX)-INDIA at the Xenobiotic Research in India Second Annual Meeting, Bangalore, October 25th to 28th, 2017.

The section will contribute to a joint symposium with SSX-India entitled "Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Transporters in Health and Disease" on October 27th. Speakers include Hiroyuki Kusuhara (Tokyo) and Allan Rettie (Seattle).

Symposium at the WCP2018 meeting in Kyoto

The symposium entitled "Novel biomarkers, predictors and models for drug-induced liver injury" will take place on 6th July 2018 and will be organised and chaired by Daniel Antoine (University of Liverpool) and Ann Daly (Newcastle University).

Recently held events

Joint symposium with British Pharmacological Society at the Spanish Pharmacological Society (SEF)/British Pharmacological Society meeting in Barcelona, Spain from 18th to 21st June 2017

A symposium entitled "Pharmacology and toxicology of drug transporters: recent advances" was chaired by Dr Daniel Antoine (University of Liverpool) and Professor Ann Daly (Newcastle University). The speakers were Dr Aleksandra Galetin (University of Manchester), Dr Jose Manautou (University of Connecticut), Professor Matthias Schwab (IKP, Stuttgart) and Dr Shiew-Mai Huang (FDA and University of Maryland). The abstracts are available in the journal Basic & Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (2017; 121 (Suppl 2), 3 to 6).

Joint symposium with IUPHAR Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics Section at 2016 ICT meeting in Merida, Mexico (International Congress of Toxicology, October 2-6 2016)

The symposium was entitled "Influence of ethnicity, genetics and age on drug response and toxicity"  The session chairs were Professors Guilherme Suarez-Kurtz (Rio de Janeiro) and Ann Daly (Newcastle University) who were also speakers together with Professors Jennifer Goldman (Mercy Hospital, Kansas) and Allan Rettie (University of Washington, Seattle).

Methods-2015 23 to 25th November 2015

The section provided sponsorship for the meeting "Methods-2015: The International Symposium on Methods for studying Drug Metabolism and Transport, and African Traditional Medicines" in Pretoria, South Africa held from 23 to 25th November 2015. The organiser was Professor Andrew Walubo. Invited speakers included Professor Matthias Schwab, section vice-chair, Professor Collen Masimirembwa, section secretary and Professor Olavi Pelkonen, a former section chair.  A meeting summary, full report and photo are available for download.

WCP2014 13-18 July 2014

The section contributed to several symposia in the IUPHAR2014 programme and also held a business meeting during the meeting to elect some new officers and members of the executive board. An important feature of our participation in this meeting involved four symposia which we proposed jointly with the Pharmacogenetics Section. We are grateful to the conference organisers for accepting all four symposia which were each well attended with some interesting discussion between the speakers and the audience.

Details of the symposia were as follows:

(i) Epigenetic regulation of drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters chaired by Ingolf Cascorbi with Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg, Ingolf Cascorbi and Matthias Schwab as speakers.
(ii) Pharmacogenetics in infectious disease chaired by Ann Daly with Pedro Gil, Adalberto Santos and Eleni Aklillu as speakers.
(iii) Role of drug transporters in interindividual variations in drug response chaired by Matthias Schwab with Matthias Schwab, Frans Russel and Christoph Funk as speakers.
(iv) Understanding drug-induced liver injury: CYP450 and the immune system chaired by Allan Rettie with James Lewis, Jack Uetrecht and Ann Daly as speakers.

ICT Congress, Seoul, Korea 4th July 2013

Joint symposium sponsored by IUTOX and IUPHAR

Active Metabolites: Potential Target for New Drug Discovery and Toxicity

Chairs: Allan E Rettie (University of Washington, USA) & Dafang Zhong (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

The role of reactive metabolite formation in adverse drug reactions: Dominic Williams (University of Liverpool, UK)
Mechanisms of drug-drug interactions involving amiodarone metabolites: roles of irreversible and time-dependent inhibition: Allan E Rettie (University of Washington, USA)
Metabolic bioactivation potentially related to toxicities of some herbal drug components: Dafang Zhong (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Genetic factors affecting metabolism to reactive intermediates in idiosyncratic hepatotoxicity: Ann K Daly (Newcastle University, UK)

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The Executive Board

Ann Daly, UK

Matthias Schwab, Germany

Collen Masimirembwa, Zimbabwe

Edward Morgan, USA

Past Chair
Allan Rettie, USA


Momir Mikov, Serbia
Nuala Helsby, New Zealand
Enrique Sanchez Pozzi, Argentina
Hiroyuki Kusuhara, Japan
Guang-Ji Wang, China

Daniel Antoine, UK



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